Teds Woodworking Review

Review Of Teds Woodworking- The Pros & The Cons

Teds Woodworking is a popular plan for woodworking projects that can be found over the internet. This review will take a look at the products as well as the pros and cons of purchasing Teds Woodworking packages.

What is in the Teds Woodworking Package?

Ted McGrath is a professional woodworker, educator, and member of AWI. Teds Woodworking has over 16,000 different woodworking projects and blueprints. teds-woodworking-planThese designs are easy to follow and will allow a person to build a number of items at home. These items include furniture, chairs for the garden, dog houses, bird feeders, and many more projects.

Ted has spent the past 2 years assembling these packages and they are the most comprehension projects on the internet.

There are so many woodworking packages online some may wonder if Teds Woodworking is worth the purchase price.

There are some pros as well as cons associated with Teds Woodworking packages.

The Pros

Beginners in woodworking with find these plans east to follow and will allow them to complete their first project with confidence. They will be able to build up their skill levels to more complex projects. Advanced woodworkers can choose from many different projects. TheĀ woodworking plans can help save them both time and money.

Useful Bonuses

When you order the Teds woodworking package there are three bonuses that will come with it

1. Free CAD plan viewer and drawing

2. 150 high quality woodworking videos

3. The Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guide

There are over 200 pages of the woodworking guide along with tips and tricks. This is useful for beginners.


The 16,000 plans are organized and it is easy to sort through the different types of projects.

Money Back Guarantee

There is a 60 day money back guarantee. If you do are not satisfied with this product you can get your money back.


Downloading Time

It takes some time to download this package. The size of the package is rather large and it may take a few hours to download the blueprints. You may want to update to the DVD package.

Broken Links

Some of the links such as ones to the chair or the birdfeeder were broken.

May be Overwhelming

There are so many different projects and plans that it can be overwhelming at first look. Teds woodworking plans are organized by different categories so once you are able to get an idea of what you want to make it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Teds Woodworking Review Overall

Teds woodworking package is very detailed and organized. There is a lot of information as well as plans to make just about any kind of woodworking project that can come to your mind.

There are many great woodworking projects on the internet. Some of them are less expensive then this package. I do not think there is a package that is as comprehension as Teds. This package has thousands of instructions and step by step guides to make many different woodworking projects.